August 18, 2008

JP’s contest

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Jean-Paul Boodhoo is an well-known authority on agily methodologies and patterns in the .Net community. He is author of many published articles, and I have tremendously enjoyed the series of webcasts he has produced for DNRtv on Demystifying Design Patterns.

JP also organizes the Nothing but .Net training bonanza’s, and reading the description of these bootcamp style events have always had me thinking of ways to be able to sign up for one of them. So when he opened a competition for submitting stories that would foster the passion in developers I put in a few words. And lo and behold, I made it in the top 5! So now you can vote for me or any of the other contestants to give your favorite author the chance to enjoy a great week of training.


So I did not win the top price, so I guess I need to persuade my company to stump up the money for the training course! I did come in third, which JP is generous enough to award with a 130 dollar Amazon voucher. I’m planning to spend it on this set of books:

Feather’s book has had some rave reviews, and I’m curious what tips and practices it offers, especially since I will be working on a lot of legacy code in the near future it seams…
This book apparantly has set a new standard in the publishing of programming books. It’s got syntax code coloring! And it’s a very good book on WPF, which I want to dive into a bit more
McConnel is my favorite author, and this is one of his books I have yet to get my hands on
Uncle Bob is another one of my favorites, and this brand new tome will no doubt contain many a pearl of wisdom. Dispite the ugly cover.

Thanks to JP for stacking up my reading list!


August 13, 2008

Devdays 2008 videos

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Just a quick note here to point those of you who are interested to the online videos of the Devdays 2008

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